• Question: what is the most exciting thing you have discovered doing research, and why was it the mostt exciting thing?

    Asked by hwalker08 to Katy, Nathalie, Paula on 24 Jun 2010 in Categories: . This question was also asked by ronaldo.
    • Photo: Katy Mee

      Katy Mee answered on 15 Jun 2010:

      Weellllll – i haven’t exactly discovered anything directly related to my science, my research is more about bringing together small peices of information to form the bigger picture – it isn’t really about “Eureka!” moments!!

      Having said that, i did find an enourmous condor feather on the volcano i was studying and it now sits on my desk, made all the sweeter by the fact my friend had just found one and was well chuffed with his discovery…..until i stepped over a rock about 5 minutes later and found one twice the size – and if you don’t know what a condor is, check here:


    • Photo: Paula Salgado

      Paula Salgado answered on 24 Jun 2010:

      Hi hwalker08 and ronaldo

      Every time I determine the structure of a new protein, I get really excited! And I always think that’s the most exciting thing ever! But I’m sure you want more details than that, so I’ll try to be more specific

      My two favourite things are:

      1. the structure of a protein I solved during my PhD. This protein copies RNA (a bit like DNA, it also has genetic information).

      It was exciting because it was the first protein ever with that shape that anyone determined – so I was really thrilled.

      2. The structure I’ve just determined, from the proteins that make a fungus stick to our cells.

      It’s exciting because it’s the first time anyone managed to do it and it will help us understand how they stick to our cells and possible ways to stop it.

      We are already designing experiments to test possible molecules that could stop it from sticking and that can potentially be developed as drugs.

      But I still get excited with every result we get! 😉